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About the Artist and the Medium

Wildlife Artist, John Rasmussen, grew up near famous Yellowstone Park. He spent long hours studying the wildlife of the area and reproducing their beautiful forms in bone, wood, ivory, soft stone, and other natural materials. Since elk and deer shed their antlers and grow a new set each year, this source of material for carving seemed a natural. The end result, is the combination of the handiwork of nature with the interpretation and craftsmanship of the artist, each piece is uniquely one of a kind.

This is a wearable art piece, a reproduction of an exquisitely detailed carving by John in the base of an antler left in the wild. Though reproduced here in "cast antler", each piece is individually hand painted and signed by John, so is an original in it's own right. You can rightfully be proud to own this unique piece and with reasonable care, it will give you years of enjoyment and service. John's art is also available in fine stores at Rocky Mountain resort towns like Jackson Hole and Park City.